Friday, September 11, 2009

My Inaugural Blog Post

So, law school has completely changed my life. About 90% for the better I'd say, so far. I'll start off with the 10% that is worse. I don't make any money. Oh, and neither does my wife (homemaker) or my daughter (Margaret is 6 months old, how long before child labor laws no longer pertain? Not soon enough, I presume). But I'm not complaining, because this is the road I have chose to hoe ( and I think the long-term benefits are going to far outweigh the fleeting costs.

As for the positive 90%, there are many reasons why my life has changed for the better. Numero Uno, I am back on a normal schedule. I spent my undergrad years working the night shift at UPS, so my days and nights were all out of whack and it was just totally unnatural. Now, my schedule is pretty much ideal. We get up around 6:30, head off for 7:00 am Mass at St. Louis Bertrand, and my wife drops me off at school. Then I have about an hour in which I either read the newspaper or finish up some homework at school. Then I have classes until noon, when I grab some lunch and either play basketball for a couple of hours or head back to class, depending on the day. After classes, I usually stay at the library until about 6:00 or so doing some homework and then my wife picks me up. Then we eat some dinner and enjoy some family time. If I have more homework to do, I'll start working at about 8:30 or so and hopefully finish around 10:00. So that is a good schedule for me. I am busy, yes, but I feel very productive.

I am also a fan of law school so far because I feel like what I am doing is very important. Yes, going through high school and college was an important part of life, but it seemed more like a hoop I was jumping through to be able to get to where I am going. With law school, I feel like what I am learning and everything that I am doing is going to have a real effect on my future. It is much easier to study something you know you are going to use for the rest of your life. Also, there is a peace of mind that comes with working towards something that is going to have a great deal of influence on not only your life, but society in general. I'm not sure what field I'm going into after law school, but I know that what I will do will make a difference and impact many people other than myself (hopefully for the better).

Well, if you've managed to stay awake this far, I will mercifully grant you leave from my blabbering. I'll try to keep posting on my experiences as a 1L in case a solitary few are interested. Pax et bonum.


  1. Nor was that one or this one posted at 7:52 am.

  2. Oh well, I'm not quite sure what career would be appropriate for a six-month old anyway. lol.

  3. Maybe she can appear in ads for a personal injury firm? The cutline: "Don't worry, baby, Vince has your back." Or not.